Oxford Soto Zen

About Us

We are a small, growing sangha (group) of serious Zen practitioners.

Newcomers of every inclination are welcome to visit, learn about Zen, and/or start a meditation practice.

Oxford Soto Zen was founded in October, 2007 by
Susie Adams, Jimmyle Listenbee, Denton Marcotte and Vicki Reithel.

We continue under the guidance of
Shinzan Kido, Sensei (Jimmyle Listenbee)*
For more information, contact Kido
(408) 691- 3539 (Text)

     Kido  - as she is known in Zen practice  - is a Soto Zen Priest and Associate Member of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association.  She was ordained in the Shunryu Suzuki tradition by Junfu Cornelia Shonkwiler, Roshi, at Middle Way Zen in San Jose, California.  She now  practices the Matsuoka tradition with Taiun Michael Elliston, Roshi, Abbott of Atlanta Soto Zen Center, where she completed residential Shuso Training 0n August 27,  2017, receiving the title of "Sensei" (teacher).

     Oxford Soto Zen operates under the aegis of The Silent Thunder Order,  with the mentorship of Elliston-Roshi and support of Atlanta Soto Zen Center.

* Shinzan ("Spirit Mountain") and Kido ("Joyous Way") are Japanese Dharma names given to Jimmyle by her Ordaining Roshis, Les Keido Kaye at Lay Ordination, and Cornelia Junfu Shonkwiler at Priest Ordination. A Dharma name represents something the Roshi sees in the disciple, something present, or that he/she may grow into.